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The Hero We Got

J.P. Williams
1 min readSep 12
Siegfried and Brünnhilde. By Otto Donner von Richter, 1892. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Siegfried is a frustrating character. In some ways, he’s the hero we want: bursting with vitality, slaying a dragon, fearlessly crossing a ring of fire to awaken a sleeping maiden, and falling in love so tumescent it requires one of the lengthiest and most demanding of duets in all of opera to get across. Unfortunately, the hero we got is also a bit of a dunce and a bully who shacks up with another woman, tries to set up his first flame with an iniquitous king, then gets killed by a villainous half-dwarf, requiring the longsuffering Brünnhilde to cast herself upon his funeral pyre that the halls of Valhalla may fall and humankind rise up. Never ask a clod to do what a woman can do better.

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