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Primates United

J.P. Williams
1 min readSep 26, 2023
Photo by Syuhei Inoue on Unsplash.

One day, I was in a park reading when a Hispanic man in a state of joyous inebriation took an interest in me. After a few glances from where he lay on the grass, he staggered over and rambled amiably about how I was a “white monkey” and he was a “red monkey.” His speech was too slurred for me to fully comprehend, but despite his chemically-induced impairment, he was right: our skin colors were different, but we were, while not monkeys, the same species of primate as each other. Years later, I can’t forget the odd sense of camaraderie that arose in that moment, before he wandered away to drink more, accost other strangers, or simply sleep it off.

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