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Hope for Howard Phillips Lovecraft

J.P. Williams
1 min readSep 6, 2023
H.P. Lovecraft, 1934. Photo by Lucius B. Truesdell. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

In the view of science fiction author N.K. Jemisin and many others, the early 20th-Century horror writer H.P. Lovecraft was a terrible person. They say this because he was a racist, and indeed he was. We know this not because of a loose comment here or there or a woke interpretation of his fiction but because he was a voluminous epistoler who detailed his racist views at length in correspondence. Yet conscience should prick at judging the whole man by the part, and always the negative part, when a human being is more than a single facet, vastly more, no matter how awful that one facet may be. So perhaps there’s hope for H.P. Lovecraft yet — and the rest of us sinners.

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