Gasolina!!: 100% Reggaeton (TMR 46)

Gimme fuel, gimme fuego, gimme gasol-i-i-i-na!

J.P. Williams
1 min readJun 6, 2023
Photo by Siednji Leon on Unsplash.

Speaking of collections by various artists, my current favorite is Gasolina!!: 100% Reggaeton (EMI Music, 2005). Album opener “Gasolina” by Papi Rankins is immediately winning, brimming with attitude, dembow and, best of all, girl gang shouts: “Dame la gasolina!” I love girl gang shouts. I first realized this through tracks from harder genres: Offspring’s “Pretty Fly” and Mastodon’s “Aunt Lisa.” Lucky for me, they’re a recurring theme here, in MC Duty’s “Martillala,” Johnny Prez’s “La Potra” and others. Technically, this reggaeton may not quite be 100%, since Daddy Yankee’s “No Hace Na” lacks the distinctive boomp-badoomp-bap and comes off more like Eminem’s “Without Me,” but the odd track aside, this is 19 tracks and 64 minutes of delectable, danceable bounce.

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