Garnet Silk’s ‘Killamanjaro Remembers’ (Tomtit Music Reviews 14)

Press play and praise Jah

J.P. Williams
2 min readFeb 17, 2023
Illustration by author.

Speaking of reggae, Garnet Silk is closer to the heart of Bob Marley. Like that giant of reggae, Garnet Silk was a Rastafarian, so his music is full of the joy, love and awe of Jah. Instances of Old Testament fear are numerous, but the musician accepts the Lord’s will, as in the soulful “Dem Bones” and “Complaint” on Killamanjaro Remembers (Revue Records, 1999). This album collects tracks from dubplates, which are test recordings. That makes for some grit and buzz, but I’ve always been suspicious of pristine production anyway. It can take the life out of music when music should let life shine. According to The Washington Post, Garnet Silk died in an accident in 1994 at age 28 while attempting to save his mother from a fire. Some shine their light and then are gone too soon.

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