A Quick Guide to My Writing on Medium

A few words and 8 links

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash.

Artists and thinkers hold society together. That goes for kindergarteners finger-painting and philosophers redefining how we’ll see the world tomorrow. I play my own modest part through what I write on Medium. Below are links to posts in key areas of interest.


For a couple years, I ran a small publication on Medium dedicated to music. The Gleaming Sword published pieces on everything from opera to heavy metal. Here are a couple of my contributions in those genres:

More recently, I have contributed to The Riff:


Another area of interest is philosophy, which tends to creep into a lot of my writing, especially about film. A Philosopher’s Stone published the following:


But my true love, one much neglected, is fiction. A handful of short stories have appeared in Keeping It Spooky:

I also write fantasy, such as this flash fiction in Morning Musings Magazine:

I hope you’ll check out the links above and drop me a comment. I always read comments and try to respond with a reply or at the very least claps.

Thank you to all readers and to the editors who have published my work: Anangsha Alammyan, Ruchi Das, Brenden Weber, Kelly Tompkins, Kevin Alexander, Noah Levy, Kamna Kirti, Alison McBain.



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J.P. Williams

J.P. Williams

I write about the intersection of arts and ideas.