As a matter of personal taste . . .

Photo by author.

Only Built for Cuban Linx… by Raekwon (Loud / RCA, 1995)

Rock is dead. Long live rock!

Illustration by E. Williams.

“Death by Rock and Roll”

Where do little Hansels and Gretels go?

Original illustration by Jenny Nyström. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

After battle come unsettling visitors.

Schonchin Butte cinder cone, Medicine Lake Volcano, California. By Beej Jorgensen, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.0.

To one unholy victor go the spoils.

Witches’ Sabbath (1821–1823) by Francisco Goya. Public domain. Source: Wikipedia.

But what do the Academy Awards know anyway?

Photos by by Nachrichten_muc on Pixabay (bottom) and Mehdi Sepehri on Unsplash (top).

The limiting of the libido in post-Production Code Hollywood makes black-and-white sexier.

Screenshot from Casablanca trailer. Public domain. Source: Wikipedia.

An old post is as good as a new post because nothing changes

Original photo by Rux Centea on Unsplash.

Two death metal bands, one EP and not enough body bags

Original photo by Hans Benn from Pixabay, altered by author.

It’s not just a WandaVision thing.

Graphic by EDSITEment. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

J.P. Williams

I write about the intersection of arts and ideas, my small contribution to the #ThinGraphiteLine between civilization and its collapse.

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